As districts and states work to define 21st century skills, abilities and literacies, a number of organizations have sought to provide a framework for their planning.

A long established resource comes from Metiri Group and Learning Point Associates/NCREL. The enGauge 21st Century Skills define what 21st Century Skills
are, why they are important, and how they will contribute to the success of students as individuals striving to live, learn, and work in the Digital Age.

The Skills
Combining what is known from cognitive science about learning with an ever-changing, high-tech landscape, the guideposts establish four quadrants of 21st Century Skills:

  • Digital Age Literacies
  • Inventive Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • High Productivity

Each category includes a subset of specific skills with definitions, and the complete chart is available with their 21st Century Skills brief.
This work came before the Partnership for 21st Century Skills work, but the similarities are there.

external image 21skills.gif

Team Assignment
Your assignment is to discuss as a team where you see your combined efforts playing out in terms of strengths and weakness in the way you currently educate students at your school. What areas of the quadrant do you need to strengthen as you managing 21st Century change? Are there areas of the quadrant that call for celebration? Do you see shifts that need addressing that haven't been considered in this early research? What is your take on 21st Century skill development overall?

Then come back here and as individuals share a piece of your team discussion that resonated with you.