Digital Footprint - Frank Accavitti

In search of my own digital footprint, my steps become difficult to trace as a result of my father -- the man has, after all, been published and mentioned more times than I can count (Google assumes 78,300, but I don't believe that entirely). As the namesake to a man with a massive footprint, Frank Accavitti returns results that won't bring me about until result seven or eight. I have taken two spots on search page one since the beginning of the year, showing a definite increase in my digital personality. The adding of my own Google Profile increases my searchability, and googlability if you will indulge my need to create new words.

Using my full name (with my suffix, III), I've upped from 3 to 12 results. Many of these are a result of my Twitter presence. While I don't find some of the results particularly ...pretty (semantictweet doesn't come off as aesthetically pleasing when in a search result) I am pleased at the overall increase in the size of my digital footprint, and I will never retreat into the online alias fear again.

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