Professional Development

Vision: Identify best practices in teaching and learning
Short term- restructure faculty meetings to include best practices
Connect APPR (teacher eval) to tech
Encourage and support peer-visits
Build in collaborative opportunities (ie support conf. days)
Long term- building and nurturing district based PLNs
restructure staff development to encourage individual accountability for learning

Measure of success: demonstrate an increased level of teaching and learning


-Establish stipend positions on grade levels for teachers to go to for technology needs- a person who establishes trusts and gives non-judgemental assistance and where teachers can showcase their work. The grade level teachers can form a "bond" that can spiral out to the rest of the district
- Create proposals changing curriculum maps to include flexibility and technology
- Create an online "kudos" environment. Use it for teacher to provide feedback and comments


-Leaders will support faculty and staff creating an atmosphere that fosters trust, sharing, and collaboration
-Leadership includes all stakeholders at all levels
-Leaders need to advocate for curricular and assessment that goes beyond traditional approaches
-Leaders need to be models- be able to learn, grow and adapt
-Leaders need to prepare students for a world that doesnt exist yet


-We will build a framework for teachers to share best practices (k-12) that would be sustainable. Set aside a day (prof dev) to enable teachers to share vertically and horizontally
- Create a network for a district to enable collaboration/learning from one another