Government Policy

- Policy to use technology that is available
- Use of technology part of teacher appraisal- become a strand in curriculum in research
- Promote "digital citizenship" among colleagues and students
- AUP is a "live" not forgotten about document
- Quantitative and qualitative data to prove results on all levels- students, teachers, admin and board
- Up to date and keep current policies


- Rationale
- Invest in infrastructure to meet objectives
- Access funding/pool financial resources
- Wireless in all schools
- Students own technology or board provided?


- Valued by akk stakeholders
- Realistic/attainable (yet aggressive)
- Somewhat messy at times
- Has momentum from top-down and bottom-up support
- Helps generate results
- Motivates/encourages people
- Ever changing (organic) living
- Prepares us for an unkown future (exciting!)


- Hold parent/community informational/training sessions around web 2.0
- Create a match maker registry/electronic network for teachers to partner around a common web tool/curriculum and co-plan, co-teach, co-reflect
- Embed collaborative networking time (released during school day) to work with your "partner"
- Train coaches to model/use tech tools when facilitating networking with teachers
- Provide teachers with tech tools to share practices
- Identify leaders/champions and help create opportunities for sharing (film them, write about them)


- Any platform will be accepted ( Mac, Dell, etc)
- Wireless access that can handle the load of everyone being online and be encrypted to satisfy the tech teams requirement to keep "things" safe
- Students are allowed to bring own devices
- Unblocking/ no filtering
- Purchasing laptops for those who will never have the funds to provide own device
- Security features to "lock down" equipment
Our Vision of Fully Equipped Classroom
- Smart board/ projector
- Wireless
- Sound system
- Security (cupboards that lock)
- Computers in classroom/own device

Support (hardware/software)

- Provide release time to a body in each school to become a "champion", "maven", "expert" a go to "g"
- Develop a resource bank of "experts" at board and building level of web 2.0 tools
- Develop a framework for future access to wireless