Teacher exposure and literacy and the time for practice
ftechnology filters block the cool stuff
Fabiliarity with new things
people are not motivated to learn and won't devote the time to it
curriculum and state assessments create a restrictive culture
funding doesn't support wide open learning in the forms of stuff and people
Leadership doesn't support open learning environments
difficult to led go off traditional role of teacher vs. coach mentor
for more inquiry directed learning
teachers unwilling to give up automony - polital climate doesn't
support involvement by everyone in change process
students aren't prepared, through the curriculum, early enough to
easily adopt to changes, waiting to secondary is not early enough
state/fed curriculum standards don't included 21str century skills,
lack of empowerment
keeping up with new technologies by not having grown up with them -
disconnect between what kids know and what we think they know.
change, no percieved need for change to happen
leadership does not model or set priorities to allow for an
environment where student centered work is formally appreciated
Q: what is leadership? A: policy makers; school board and superintendents
Q: should people be kicked out? A: they will eventually
People are afraid to veer away from the assessment standards and these
new opportunities take time away from the curriculum. There could be
disappointment from the leader... but the leader is not even in the
building, so it is a problem with perception?
How do non-state asssessment schools compare with state assessment
schools? A: there would be another barrier
if something is fun, people will work hard to do it
maybe when districts hire people they don't focus on whether or not
they are passionate in technology
teachers may be waiting to be told by administrators, there is an
assumption from the superintendent that teachers are going out and
getting this free information online. A comparison was made to
pervious initiatives from administrators and a huge level of support,
training and participation was given while now teachers are left to
their own devices to seek out this level of support
How can we empower administrators?